1. KompoZerPortable
  2. GoogleChromePortable
  3. freacPortable
  4. cdrtfePortable
  5. CDExPortable
  6. DVDStylerPortable
  7. NotepadPlusPlusPortable
  8. PokerTHPortable
  9. DShutdownPortable
  10. RevoUninstallerPortable
  11. PaulStretchPortable
  12. MP3GainPortable
  13. CoolPlayerPlusPortable
  14. InfraRecorderPortable
  15. PhotoFiltrePortable
  16. FotografixPortable
  17. AudacityPortable
  18. Burning_Studio_Portable
  19. TuneUp_Portable
  20. Opera_Portable
  21. IDM6.03Portable
  22. PortableVisualBasic6

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